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How Fiverr Is Revolutionizing The Freelance Economy

How Fiverr Is Revolutionizing The Freelance Economy: Earning money from home it’s like a dream, now you can make it into your life. One of the platforms you can use as a freelancer is Fiverr. On this platform, that’s so many tasks such as writing, content creation, admin, data entry, accounting, etc. If you wanna try this site, you can work online in your room.

Freelance can work easily at any time you want, you don’t go to the office. But you must know what is your task, the deadline, and how to send your task to the client. That’s why so many peoples want to be a freelancer except for a full-time job in the office.

1. Build Your Profile

Before bidding on a task, you must build your profile. If you don’t have an account, just click register on Fiverr. Upload your profile picture to make the client trust you. Trust is one key you can bring to the client, after that, you can enjoy the job. Take a photo with your high-quality camera, and use the format 1:1.

You also pay attention to the minimum width and height must be 250 pixels. Next, tell your profile description. This part is important because the client can see your character. This description includes name, skills, value, and portfolio. You can tell about your languages, completed tests, education, certificate, and LinkedIn account.

2. Create The Gigs

It’s the second step you must know about the platform. As you can see on Fiverr, that seller always starts with “I will”. And it’s the key, for example, “I will write 5 articles in English with 1000 words”. But don’t use these styles, you can make the unique of your profile.

Make a title that is not too long, hooks, and addresses the need directly. One example again, such as “I will write 5 articles with long keywords in mathematics”. Upload the gig photo including short concise text, pattern outbreak, authenticity, the correct format (110 x 740 pixels), and no clickbait.

You can add gigs descriptions but don’t use giant blocks of text. First, you can explain the problem of your task and address the pain point. Tell the client, how you can solve the problem and what is your promise. Promise such as professionalism, punctuality, diligence, etc.

3. Get The Task

The first order is the time you can explore your skills with the client. If you finish the task, the client will tell you about your work with good or bad testimonials. In Fiverr, there are 2 conditions to have a client such as a buyer request and repeated buyer.

Buyer request is one condition that you can get orders for the first time. In this request, you can see many sellers apply for buyer requests, especially for private and individual orders. This time you must make a client trust you and your gigs and you are to be accepted.

The repeated request will come to you if the client likes your work. Sometimes the client will ask again about your gigs, in the same order or different orders. You can make the package if you want, such as an SEO writing package starting from $5.

4. The Good Service

Good service on Fiverr is the important thing you must do for the client. First, communication is a basic skill you must know. Work from online is the easier thing, but don’t forget about communication. At this time, many social media such as email, telegram, line, Instagram, etc.

Second, quality is a skill that will bring you to the customers. If you don’t know, just ask the client. The client will tell you everything about your question. That’s better to ask people for few questions, or you can’t do anything for the deadlines.

5. Patience and Pay Off

The final steps are patience and payoff. There are so many payment methods such as local banks, PayPal, wire, Payoneer, etc. But communicate with clients and choose one available payment method. After that, the client will give you money.

If you wanna start a career as a freelancer, just click on Fiverr. This platform will help you to make money online in your home. Don’t forget to try this trick to has to revolutionize the freelance economy. Ready to get money from home?

Medina Sylvia Riyanto
Medina Sylvia Riyanto
Sylvia is a scorpio girl and will tell you everything about freelancer world.


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