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The Pros and Cons of Using Fiverr for Your Business Needs

Fiverr is the best place to find a freelance job, you can work there any time you want. Freelancers have an easier job because they don’t have bosses. You can make your schedule for the weekdays and weekends too. Before starting as a freelancer, you must know the pros and cons of using this platform. Is this platform able to help your business or not? You can see the pros and cons in this article below.

The Pros

First, it’s easy to use. If you are a new seller, you can register easily. You can see in the dashboard how many active projects you have. Plus, you can receive messages in your email and be notified by app when the order takes less than 12 hours.

After that, the earnings page will show you the balance, pending payouts, and the date. And it’s easy to understand the platform. Second, you are always paid by the job. As a freelancer, you can make money from the job. The salary for the task is very high, but it depends on the currency. There are so many tasks you can do, such as writer, editor, social media, engineer, UI, UX, etc. But you must complete the job first.

Third, early payout. Fiverr will give you the option of an early payout, which will cost 1% of the amount you’re withdrawing. For example, withdrawing $50 will give you $50, so it will cost you $31.68.Fourth, offer multiple gigs. If you want to offer multiple gigs, it’s available on the platform. For each gig, you have three types of offers: basic, standard, and premium. You can sell to the potential client without having a rate negotiation conversation.

The Cons

First, take 20% of your earnings. You always get the job from this platform; could you imagine how muchatform; could you imagine how much? And do you think it’s too high? Sure, but keep in mind that the highest cutoff from this platform can give you an issue.

Second, waiting to find freelance work On Fiverr, you can set up more gigs for yourself, such as content writing, copywriting, video creation, etc. But you must wait for the clients, and you will get a job. Don’t forget to tell your experience to the clients; they will see your profile. If the client agrees with your task, they will send you the brief. Third, ratings will drop. If you take too long to reply, clients will give you a bad rating.

Ratings are one of the most important things that clients see on your profile. You must reply to client messages within one hour. Fourth, you will have annoying buyers. If you had some annoying buyers with a few questions, you must still be calm. Just answer the question if you don’t reply. They will give you negative ratings, and you will lose your job. They will share the feedback on any other platform, such as Google or Facebook.

There are pros and cons to using Fiverr, but it’s your option if you’re still using this platform. But don’t worry about using this platform, any job will come to you after you have matched with a client.

Medina Sylvia Riyanto
Medina Sylvia Riyanto
Sylvia is a scorpio girl and will tell you everything about freelancer world.


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