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Unlocking The Power Of Fiverr: A Beginner's Guide

As a beginner on Fiverr, you don’t know how to succeed with your gigs. Usually, a successful seller knows how to master this marketplace. If you understand the platform, your gigs can be found in the first place. This article will explain how to understand the algorithm on this platform. And you will see that buyers will come to you, and they will become repeat customers. See the tips in this article:

  1. Analyze the gigs

Before creating a new gig, you can see the gigs that always appear on the first page. Focus on the example, such as the fact that they have a high number of five-star reviews. Your gigs must have something in common; don’t forget to use keywords in the title, search tags, and description.

What will you bring to the buyer’s attention in their gig description? Tell them about offering quality service at a cheap price. You must know why your gigs can be successful. After answering the question, you can include any elements in your gig to have success.

2. Use a primary keyword.

A keyword is one of the most important things you can use in your title, search tags, and description. Thinking about a word for your primary keyword, for example, “writer,” You can type other words such as write, writing, writer, written,” etc. Make sure your primary keyword is natural, because it’s the first word of your gig description. If you use this keyword, you will see gigs in the match with the words.

3. Use a secondary keyword.

After the primary keyword, the secondary keyword is the second thing you can input in your description. For example, your primary keyword is writing, and these are words that people also search for in your gig. Such as book writing, blog writing, writing, etc. You can see and choose great secondary keywords on this platform. 

Or you can see the suggested words on Fiverr, where you will see more than one word. These will help you find the secondary keyword for your gig. You can input a maximum of two words in your gig description. This site will allow you to type five search tags. The tags include your primary keyword and other tags for your secondary keywords.

4. Give the Best Prices

When you start your career as a freelancer, you need to set your prices low to be successful. But if you have more experience, you can pay the high price. Don’t forget to include a portfolio of your clients. If you get the job, some customers will give you a great price, and as a bonus, you will get a tip.

For beginners, now’s the time to try your skills on Fiverr. Don’t worry; the job will come to you after your gigs are successful. Happy writing, and enjoy your first gigs in this place.

Medina Sylvia Riyanto
Medina Sylvia Riyanto
Sylvia is a scorpio girl and will tell you everything about freelancer world.


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